We have the largest selection of wide calf boots on the internet and we also ship internationally!

Largest Selection of Wide Calf Boots on the Internet!

Compliment your wardrobe with a pair (or two!) of beautiful wide calf boots that you have never been able to find before - especially from the comfort of your home. We offer an exciting range of wide calf boots that not only fit comfortably but also suit your budget.

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Wide Calf Boots

You can save both time and energy by using our services to shop for quality wide calf boots. We have the largest selection of wide calf boots on the Internet. Discover the pleasure of finding your favorite wide calf boots in HARD-TO-FIND sizes to 12WW and shopping from the comfort of your home. After buying a pair of our wide calf boots, you will forget your previous days of frustration driving to different shops that sell wide calf boots and finding nothing. We will help you experience a new way of shopping for wide calf boots that offer much-needed protection to women's feet during the fall and winter season. We offer same day shipping and are a Yahoo 5 STAR merchant with easy return policies for our wide calf boots.

So far, women have not been able to find boots with wide enough calf sizes and have had to try to squeeze into boots that do not fit. If you are tired of compromising comfort for style and not finding a boot with a wide enough calf to fit you, it is time you tried our wide calf boots. We offer the LARGEST selection of wide calf boots on the internet. Our wide calf boots are stylish, comfortable and we carry styles for all occasions - work, play, snow and cold.

We have wide calf boots in all sizes (up to 12WW!) that are designed with an elastic insert that stretches for an even more comfortable fit. Key features of wide calf boots include an easy-in and easy-out side zipper as well as cushiony linings. Our wide calf boots can be enlarged to fit even larger calves by having a shoemaker enlarge the elastic gores or even add leather to the inseams thereby avoiding the very high cost of having them custom made for over $700 a pair.

You can complement your outfit with our attractive collection of wide calf boots. Our collection includes leather and suede wide calf boots. Our huge selection of wide calf boots comes in the latest fashions with side zippers for an easy fit. Place an order and we will quickly ship your wide calf boots. Contact us today if you have any questions about our wide calf boots. We are always glad to help you.


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